“此次的梦想城市之行非常完美,也非常令人难忘。感谢《hi 欧洲 》的精心安排。在巴黎,我住在拿破仑酒店,酒店地理位置优越,就在香街附近,也靠近地铁,所以给我的交通带来极大的方便。”梦想城市幸运得主郭燕阳说。

最权威的欧洲中文旅游杂志《hi欧洲》主办第一届「我最梦想欧洲旅行城市」票选,经过一个多月来读者的热情投票,巴黎勇夺梦想旅游城市之冠的殊荣。 巴黎市旅游局代表抽出旅行大奖,选出了来自广州的幸运读者郭燕阳,并由巴黎旅游局宣布这项投票的获奖者。这次此次活动幸运得奖者郭燕阳,畅游巴黎。除了观赏红磨坊精彩的歌舞表演,还被精心安排入住位在凯旋门和香榭丽舍附近的拿破仑酒店,尽情享受法式服务和生活风格。在塞纳河游船上,看尽巴黎这座美丽城市最知名的景致,巴黎圣母院与埃菲尔铁塔。郭小姐兴奋地说:“这太梦幻了,拍出来的画面像是艺术创作。”巴黎旅游局为我们的得主准备了许多知名博物馆套票和信息。到达卢浮宫参观,郭小姐也惊叹“这博物馆太大了,所典藏的珍品看都看不完。” 在这几天的行程,郭小姐一饱巴黎美景,享受这里一场场最精采的巴黎人文飨宴。 欧洲实在有太多城市等着大家去发现、去寻梦,梦想城市票选活动让我们一起来发现不一样的欧洲。

“This is the True Paris,’ said Jean Luc Pehau-Ricao from the Moulin Rouge when welcoming hiEurope’s Dream City winner Abbie Guo from Guangzhou. She was about to be treated to a show with dancers, singers, roller skaters, funny jugglers and more dancers. “I never expected it to be like this. It is so artistic,” Abbie said afterwards.

With Jean Luc Pehau-Ricao at the Moulin Rouge

Administrative assistant Abbie couldn’t believe her luck when she heard that she had won the first prize of hiEurope’s Dream City Election. The election was held online and on WeChat to celebrate this magazine’s first anniversary in February. After a month of voting, it turned out that Paris was our reader’s dream city. Manager of the France Tourism Development Agency in Hong Kong, Mrs. Chen Yu Hua pulled Abbie’s name out of a big box with those voters who had chosen Paris. “I had visited London and was already planning to go see Paris next, but until now, I didn’t have the opportunity,” Abbie said.

Seeing a real French cabaret at the Moulin Rouge wasn’t the only “True Paris” experience the prize winner had. She was welcomed by many famous French institutions. Abbie stayed in the beautifully decorated Hotel Napoleon, which is situated right under the Arc de Triomphe and next to the famous Champs-Élysées.

General Manager of Hotel Napoleon Claude Rath welcomes Abbie.

On one of the boats of Bateaux Mouches, Abbie saw the most famous sites of Paris, starting with the amazing bridges over the Seine, passing by the Notre Dame Church and ending with a great view of the Eiffel Tower. “It is so beautiful, every picture I take looks like a work of art.”

And of course, she could not visit Paris without seeing its incredible museums. The Paris Tourist Office had given our prize winner a bag full of information and tickets, so she could visit the most famous museum of all: The Louvre. “It is so big, impossible to see all of it,” Abbie reacted.Like most people who visit the Louvre for the first time, Abbie was already exhausted after seeing the Mona Lisa and the Vénus de Milo, but there was still a whole palace full of art to discover.

With Véronique Potelet of the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau.

To see it all takes much more than a few days, but after so many impressions in such a short time, Abbie is sure she will be back for more.

Do you want to be the next winner of our Dream City Election? Then check our website, app and WeChat account often. The second Dream City Election is starting soon!