Rolling hills, lush green meadows, crystal clear lakes, snow-capped mountains and crisp clean air frame the land where the happiest cows in the world graze. Switzerland is world renowned for its dairy industry. Home to about 450 cheese varieties, the secret of Switzerland's renowned dairy products starts at the farm. Swiss cows feed only on fresh hay and grass, while the government bans artificial processes such as the use of hormones and genetically modified organisms.

Swissmooh, an exporter of Swiss dairy products to China and Thailand, now offers travelers a stop at such an idyllic Swiss farm. The guides at Swissmooh farms invite visitors to learn about the workings of agriculture and experience farm life, as well as relax in the tranquil surroundings of the Swiss countryside.

Swissmooh’s mother company, Mooh, is one of the biggest milk cooperatives in Switzerland. They work with close to 4000 farms, and each one of them is an adventure on its own. Since all its farms are different, there are many additional activities that can be experienced. There are petting zoos for the kids, plucking fresh fruit from trees, enjoying a traditional Swiss meal or even drinking cider directly from a barrel. Visitors can interact with the animals by experiencing how to milk a cow, collect chicken eggs, or feed the animals.

For travelers who have already seen the picturesque cities of Switzerland or gone mountain climbing, this offers an interesting change of scenery. As the Swissmooh farms can be found all over Switzerland, and are close to famous areas like Zurich, Lucerne and Basel, which makes it easy to include in a tour plan.

During the farm visits, the experienced farmers welcome their guests and let them participate in their everyday life. Guests may tour the farm and experience the daily farm activities as well as taste a glass of fresh milk or apple juice.Tourists can visit the animals in the stables and on the meadows, breathe the fresh air and learn how food is produced. For many people, this is their first time to experience a rural environment, so it will surely leave a deep impression.

These are some of the highlights of the visit:

Taking pictures: At every farm, visitors will be given the chance to take pictures with cute cows, picturesque landscapes and loving families.

Traditional meals: Tourists can savour delicious home-cooked meals, made from ingredients produced on the very farm they are staying at. Many of the Mooh farms are equipped to serve a traditional fondue or raclette (melted cheese) meal to give visitors a culinary tour of Switzerland.

Petting zoo: The farms give travelers the chance to feel close to nature and visit happy Swissmooh cows grazing on the fields or see them being milked. There are also other animals to pet and play with, a special highlight for the children.

Pick your own produce: There is a special delight to be found in roaming the lush orchards and experiencing the joy of picking ripe fruit from a tree. Many farms have apples, pears, plums or nuts – so visitors can pick their own fruit and taste the meaning of freshness.

Buying local produce: All local produce can be bought at the farmer’s shop. These high-quality products are regional specialties often not available elsewhere, so they make the perfect edible souvenir.


Easy booking: Contact Swissmooh with the dates of your trip, the farm you would like to visit, what additional services you require for how many people, and they will take care of the rest. This can all be done online at: