Best Places to Go in Autumn

hiEurope recommends unique autumn travel destinations. Enjoy beautiful scenery and experience unique local cultures!

Author: 陈大地
Date: 2020-09-23

5 Beautiful Tour de France Stops

From Provence to Auvergne, the Alps to the Pyrenees, from Lyon to Paris, the Tour de France cyclists compete against the backdrop of some of the loveliest scenery and cities in France. hiEurope’s visited some of these places. Check out our guide:

Author: hiEurope Online
Date: 2020-09-03

Four Bohemian Neighborhoods

The word 'Bohemian' refers not only to the geographical province in the Czech Republic, but is also a concept of drifting freely, unsettled homes, and freedom from social customs. It is for those who wish to live an anti-traditional lifestyle.

Author: Ma Ke
Date: 2020-08-14

Summer of Gelato

Even when it is raining, you can always see people enjoying ice-cream in the streets of Italy. And no wonder. Italian ice cream - Gelato - has a unique taste, attracting people from all over the world.

Author: Shuwen
Date: 2020-07-28

Italian Summer Drinks

On a hot summer day, a glass of fruity wine can make your tired body fly again. hiEurope takes a look at popular summer drinks from Italy. You can try them out at home, or order a glass during your next trip!

Author: Ma Ke
Date: 2020-07-14

Coffee Flavour of Four Cities

Since the introduction of coffee by people from the Middle East to Europe in the 17th century, Europeans embraced the drink. Whether it is Vienna Coffee , Italian espresso, Cafe au Lait or Irish coffee, each drink and place has its own flavor, while the strong aroma of coffee is everywhere in Europe.

Author: Summer Yeh
Date: 2020-06-29

Four Water Towns

Apart from Venice, there are many more poetic and picturesque water cities to discover. They are either millennium-old cities built on the water, or beautiful rural villages. hiEurope introduces you to four water towns hidden in Europe.

Author: 林铭志
Date: 2020-06-19

Extreme Europe

Do you feel that life lacks some thrilling and adventurous moments, and do you want to do something crazy for once? Then try out an extreme sport! These crazy activities inspire people to surpass themselves, challenge to do the impossible and give confidence. hiEurope brings you some fashionable sports to try during your next trip in Europe.

Author: 郭曉儒
Date: 2020-05-15

Winds of May

Spring in the Netherlands doesn't really start until May, and even then flowers and sunlight are accompanied by a cold wind, and the ancient windmills awaken after a long winter. The story of Dutch windmills starts in the Zaanse region north of Amsterdam. hiEurope went to visit.

Author: 王欣竹
Date: 2020-05-06

Four Ideal Places for Spring Hiking

Let's go green during this bright and warm spring.

Author: Ma Ke
Date: 2020-04-23

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